Sonderangebot der Akademie Beißwenger: Englische Konversation

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Conversational English

 Most of us are familiar with the English language. We have learned English at school, we read and hear English in the media, we listen to English songs, we write English business letters, we come into contact with English speakers when we travel etc.

And yet, sometimes it is very hard for us to speak English. Why?

One reason may be the lack of practice.  We listen and read a lot but we do not have many opportunities to practise the conversational English.

Our Academy offers a special course for people who want to improve their speaking skills and confidence. We start with guided conversation, where we provide both pertinent vocabulary and some helpful techniques for conversation with native and non-native speakers. We focus on common topics, on every-day situations and on business subjects, so that a vast range of speaking opportunities is available for every participant in our conversation course.

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